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Boat rides at Panaji city

When you go Goa, you cannot miss the boat rides at Panaji city. They start plying the boats in the evening till 9pm in the night. You have a choice of few packages ranging from ride only, to food included. Every boat is decorated with several little light bulb that appear like stars hanging from the boat.

Boat ride at Panaji

We took a package for the ride only as we already had early dinner. Not to mention the water from several coconuts Rakhi is fanatic about which. The “malai” (half ripe coconut in the shell) is awesome. Nothing in this world tastes like that.

Some of the packages, like ours, include local folk dances of Goa during the ride. Some very nice dance steps that characterize typical Goa in the hearts of Goan people.

The boats will take about 100 people at a time and go for about 2km ride for an hour. We could see Panaji getting farther, lights making it dazzle in the night. Then slowly everything will start getting closer and a fun ride wil lcome to an end.